Company details

Rhino Clothing is a business situated in Pretoria, established specifically to address three specific shortcomings in all industries ie. Service and quality at a competitive price. At inception a decision was made to support South African business as far as possible, and not to import clothing if available at a reasonable price in South Africa.

Rhino clothing consists of three founding members. Two of the founding members have in excess of 20 years experience in the security industry, and therefore have an indepth knowledge of the specific needs of the industry, specifically as far as the uniforms and other garments are concerned. The third member has more than 10 years experience sourcing goods and stock all over the world. This knowledge clearly serves the interest of each and every client of Rhino Clothing.

During the endeavours to source the finest quality uniforms and garments for the security industry a similar need was observed in all the other industries, ie. Electrical, building, catering etc.

Rhino Clothing has a policy to serve all our clients equal irrespective of size. Our small clients can testify that the value added services helps them to acquire a professional image for instance by making use of our graphic design service to acquire a professional logo. Rhino Clothing assists all clients by taking the orders through professional old fashioned personal service and then ensuring that the orders are delivered to the client in the shortest possible time.